Jiangsu Baoli International Investment Co., Ltd. has mastered the production technology and the preparation method of new high grade highway materials such as the compound modified asphalt, the emulsified asphalt exclusively sed for high-speed rail, the polymer modified asphalt and so on, through the independent development and integrated innovation over the years. 

The company takes the share of around 32% in the Chinese market of bitumen materials and polymer modified bitumen. Jiangsu Baoli has also mastered the production technology and the preparation method of modified asphalt made from the waste rubber material and other new products through the cooperative development. The emulsified asphalt produced by the company was used in the construction of Haerbin-Dalian high-speed rail and Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail in China instead of normally used emulsified asphalt. The polymer modified bitumen produced by Jiangsu Baoli International Investment Co., Ltd. was exported in Africa, which made the company the first enterprise to export the professional asphalt materials in China and broke the French monopoly in Africa. Meanwhile, the company has started to develop the second generation of the production technology. For waste rubber modified asphalt product, the company has reserved second-generation production technology. This technology has achieved major breakthroughs in high-temperature stability and segregation resistance of products production, and successfully started industrial production of waste rubber modified asphalt. This technology has laid a solid foundation for recycling of waste tires and waste plastics, reducing the cost of road construction, partially replacing the traditional SBS modified bitumen, and starting large-scale applications in China.